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Small Batch Canning

16 oz cans of select on-tap beer

Currently available in cans:

Czeched-Out Pils

Our Czech style pilsner, a pale golden color and very clear. It is malt-forward and finished with NYS hops. The flavor profile has a light sweetness and some earthy hop finish notes.   ABV 5.5%

Mountain Fog IPA

A double New England IPA is drenched in a variety of hops, mostly grown in NY. A flavorful, full body IPA with apricot and pine notes at an ABV of 5.7%


Back Barn’s Festbier. A wonderfully balanced beer with a big malty body and smooth finish. PROST!  ABV 5.8%

Newman’s Brown

A licensed re-creation of the famous Newman’s Winter Ale to honor our friend Bill Newman, a legend of US craft brewing. This taste of history showcases a garnet glint color and dark caramel notes. ABV 5.8%

Heritage Pilsener

A Bavarian style pilsner originally brewed to celebrate Rotterdam’s 200th anniversary in 2020, and we have been brewing it ever since. Clean and crisp, finished with NYS heirloom hops.  ABV 5.4%

Peño Pils

A completely original and award winning beer. This Czech style pilsener is dry hopped with real jalapenos providing amazing pepper flavor, aroma and finish. It’s got some pepper heat, but not too much so you can enjoy pint after pint.

7&20 Ale

Our original recipe German Ale lightly dry hopped with new age Hallertau Blanc hops.  ABV 5.3%

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