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Small Batch Canning

16 oz cans of select on-tap beer

Currently available in cans:

Something Blue

This fruited lager made with local blueberries is backed by Vienna malt sweetness and NYS hops. ABV 5.8%

Winterfest Bier

Our winter cousin to our Oktoberfest Bier. A marzen-style lager, malty and slightly sweet, perfect for the winter! ABV 5.7%

Cask Newmans

We age our Newman’s Brown Ale in a whiskey casks for three months resulting in distinct cask notes mating with the beer. A sipper for sure. ABV 6.2%

Czeched-Out Pils

Our Czech style pilsner, a pale golden color and very clear. It is malt-forward and finished with NYS hops. The flavor profile has a light sweetness and some earthy hop finish notes.   ABV 5.5%

McCaffeinated Porter

Our English-style porter is rich, complex and warming with notes of chocolate, toffee, roasted malt, and a hint of French roast coffee. This dark brew is best enjoyed at cellar temperature. ABV 6.9%

Newman’s Brown

A licensed re-creation of the famous Newman’s Winter Ale to honor our friend Bill Newman, a legend of US craft brewing. This taste of history showcases a garnet glint color and dark caramel notes. ABV 5.8%

Peño Pils

A completely original and award winning beer. This Czech style pilsener is dry hopped with real jalapenos providing amazing pepper flavor, aroma and finish. It’s got some pepper heat, but not too much so you can enjoy pint after pint.

7&20 Ale

Our original recipe German Ale lightly dry hopped with new age Hallertau Blanc hops.  ABV 5.3%

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