** Special ** Cask Conditioned Amber on 36 Locks

1. Newman's Brown

       ABV 5.3 American Style, Brown Ale


2. Hessian Jaeger IPA

       ABV 4.9%, Hazy Session IPA

3. McCaffeinated Porter

       ABV 6.3%, English-style Porter, hints of coffee and chocolate

4. Amber KCA (Kicking Cancer’s Ass)

       ABV 5.0%, Amber Lager

5. Back Roads Pilsener

         ABV 5.2%, Bavarian Style Pilsener 

6. Shenanigan's Stout

         ABV 4.1%, Dry Irish Stout

7. Peno Pils

         ABV 5.8%, Czech- style pilsner, jalapeño dry-hopped. 

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